Acnl Hair Color Guide

Your hair design and color in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is determined by how you answer Harriet’s questions in the Shampoodle salon. This chart will show how to answer these questions to acquire the hair which you would like. Unlike other manuals, this one uses the specific wording of the English language versions.

Utilize these options, beginning with the question where she inquires if you’re hoping for a casual or formal appearance. That issue has a slider instead of a multiple choice option, so the very first column of this chart lets you know where to set the selector. Scroll down to the Hair Color Chart. After receiving 15 haircuts, you’ll be able to choose hairstyles of the opposite gender. I also have an Eye Color Guide available.

Guide To Shampoodle | Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Pinterest | Animal throughout Acnl Hair Color Guide

Guide To Shampoodle | Animal Crossing: New Leaf | Pinterest | Animal throughout Acnl Hair Color Guide by mrcampus

In the City, in case you go to Sham poodle and speak to Harriet, after paying 3,000 bells, you may change your hairstyle, anywhere from the design to the color.

Hair Colour Chart

For hair colour, you have a choice of natural, intense, or vivid colours. For natural colours, you must use a slider to choose exactly what you would like, which range from”Entirely black!” To”Lighter shade!” Regrettably, sliders are all tricky to get just perfect. I have recorded the colors in order, including the top, center, and bottom options. Providentially, the intense and glowing color menus offer you special alternatives.

Hairstyle Colors

Alternatives (Cool)

Mysterious (Dark Brown)
Fresh (Blue)

Energetic (White)

Alternatives (Warm)

Safe (Light Brown)
Lighthearted (Yellow)
Fiery (Crimson )

If you don’t log into a specific personality for a very long time period, you will get bed hair. It’ll be exactly the same colour as the former colour you’d. The only means to remove bed hair is to have your own hair transported at Shampoodle’s from the City.

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