Blade And Soul Character Creation

I presume. I have not really gotten much into it. I am too busy producing abominations together with the character creator.

Let’s say”specific” in the way that it would like you to make characters. It is pretty good at creating healthy dudes.

Something quite near and dear to my own heart in regards to this sport is character creation. While this game’s character creation engine isn’t quite as sophisticated as what you might find in the likes of other titles (that will go unnamed), it is easily one of the best character creation motors out there. With that being said, it should go without saying that producing a character can be a very daunting task to someone who isn’t used to the degree of customization which Blade & Soul offers. Maybe you’ve seen thisthread, wondered how the hell these folks can make such awesome character designs and determined that designing a character isn’t for you. Maybe you’ve picked after all that to just use one of the default presets and operate with it in a”meh, good enough” type of way.

The great news is that I don’t think you will need to do this. That is why I decided to create this thread for new and old players to give them a few ideas on the best way to create their characters. In addition to that, but I’d like some hints about how to enhance my personality creation abilities. I am not perfect, and even I make more designs I despise than that I love

There’s numerous sliders that could be moved independently of each other. Ever need a skinny man with very VERY well defined calves? It’s potential in Blade & Soul. Want a gal with a stupidly big chest and small legs and arms? You are able to certainly do that. Desire a lanky man with jet black eyes who resembles some sort of mythical demon?

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