Franklin Pierce University Pa Program

The assignment of this Franklin Pierce college Physician Assistant Program is to graduate educated and compassionate doctor assistants that possess the necessary expertise, abilities, and approaches to present top caliber, patient-oriented primary care in various environments.

Accredited Standing : Continuing
Campus: West Lebanon, NH
Levels Provided: Experts
On-line Masters Degree: N-one
Homework Diploma: Necessary
Course Duration: 27 months
Course Ability: 2-4 pupils
On-Campus Housing: Maybe Not available
Decision Criteria: Overall/Science GPA rural/underserved Fascination levels in prerequisite courses, private interview, private announcement .
Seat Deposit: $500
Supplemental App : Yes
Worldwide Students: Acknowledged
TOEFL: Not required
Suggestion letters: 3

This fulltime schedule can allow you to develop the research, enlightening, and managerial skills necessary to become more prosperous in the healthcare area, and prepare you to collaborate with medical professionals to improve efficacy and general patient attention. This 27-month app prides itself on smaller class sizes and experiential understanding that’ll enhance your practical skills through advanced equipment and training. Clinical significance is a critical part of this app, also has been ran through the New England.

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