Tsum Tsum Bingo Card 2

Tsum Tsum Bingo Card 2

There are a few differences between a couple of the assignments between the Western and global versions, largely changes in quantities required. They’re noted from the Missions listing below.

I’ve seen the proposal that Pinocchio may operate, but he has not for me. I’ve had this square-foot for ages. Has anybody had Pinocchio work?

Fixed game cards, no time limitation, anytime if participant reaches level 10; Card 1 will soon be accessible when participant is flat 10 & over; Card Two

What can it be?

5×5 grid sport titles, 25 assignments on each card
Presently 12 cards (Japanese version contains 25 cards)
Missions Can Be Found in English only, click for Chinese translated version
Search for TRANSLATE button with this website to show assignments on your Preferred language

Where to locate?
Occasion cards are here, click to change

When to perform with?

Fixed game titles, no time limitation, anytime when participant reaches level 10
Card will be accessible when participant is flat 10 & over
Card two onwards will be accessible after full Card 1

Who will play?

Any participant, such as Guest, whose degree is 10 & over




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