Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund

Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund | Key Points

•Product kind: Taxable Money Market•Product type: Government•
inception on 07/13/1981•$106.0 billion net resources such as
as of 10/31/2018•118 holdings as of 10/31/2018•Benchmarked to the US Gov’t Dollars Market Funds Typical •Turn-over Price (Fiscal year-end 08/31/2018) 0.00percent •
SEC return **: 2.12percent C 7 evening as of 11/09/2018
•CUSIP: 922906300

Item direction

The fund invests at least 99.5% of its total assets in dollars, government securities, and/or funding agreements which are collateralized only by government securities or funds (jointly ( federal securities). As authorities service securities, the fund’s holdings have quite large premium score, but many are not backed by the full faith and credit of their U.S. govt. The portfolio managers try to bring value chiefly by emphasizing specific issues that appear beautifully priced dependent on historic yield-spread relationships. The average maturity normally ranges from 30–60 days, and the fund maintains a dollar-weighted moderate maturity of sixty days or less, and also a dollar-weighted everyday lifespan of a hundred and twenty days or even less.

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